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15 Kitchenware Essentials for Spring - Michael Aram

15 Kitchenware Essentials for Spring

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

We don’t realize how much time is spent in the kitchen. On average, we spend around 12% of our lives in the kitchen, which is almost an average of 2.8 hours a day! That doesn’t count the 20 phone calls to mom about her recipes, the dark hole of email scrolling on your laptops, or the downloading new Pinterest recipes on the iPad. Yet, the room we spend the most time in can also feel like the most daunting to fill with kitchen tools that fit our home aesthetic or personality.  

Most kitchenware essentials are usually lackluster. When you come into your kitchen, you want to feel inspired! That’s why it only makes sense to have us select kitchenware products that will brighten not only your home but your mind. Pick up these items for your next dinner party, or just to have something nice to look at for your next 20 expected calls from mom.  


1) Pomegranate Paper Towel Holder 

Take something boring and make it anything but ordinary with a Pomegranate Paper Towel Holder. Bring it to the next level or luxe and chic with black paper towels.  


2) Butterfly Ginkgo Salt & Pepper Set 

These beautiful porcelain salt & pepper shakers paired with natural & oxidized brass Butterfly Ginkgo holder is your new BFF. It’s an essential that’s simple yet still brings personality into your kitchen.   


3) Anemone Canisters 

This collection is inspired by anemone flowers, which in some cultures are said to bring good luck and offer protection. These canisters are light and universal, making them great for any kitchen or pantry. Also offered in 3 different sizes!


4) Pomegranate Coffee Pot w/ Spoon 

Calling all coffee lovers! This extension is a part of the Pomegranate collection and is inspired by traditional Armenian coffee. Perfect for coffee meetings with friends or just everyday use. Plus, it makes a beautiful accessory for your stove.  


5) Butterfly Ginkgo Round Teapot 

Now for our tea lovers! Not only does the teapot capture the poetic spirit that is so deeply indicative of Michael's work, but the natural, oxidized brass and textured stainless steel make this a long lasting essential.  


6) Ocean Reef Salt Cellar w/ Spoon 

The Ocean Reef Collection is inspired by the bounty and beauty found on the ocean floor. This unique piece is perfect for Spring gatherings or those who just like a pop of fun around the kitchen.  


7) Heart Trivet 

The Heart Collection is built around the simple but universal symbol of love, hope, friendship and caring. The shape of the heart creates instant responses in us all and carries a world of meaning that changes according to the intent of both the giver and the recipient.  


8) Mistletoe Pie Dish 

Do you love to bake? Baking is a fun bonding activity with family, so why not have a dish that celebrates the beauty of nature and the importance of crafting memories to last generations. 


9) Butterfly Ginkgo Lazy Susan 

This is a new extension of the Butterfly Ginkgo Collection. This piece is very versicle and designed in white marble for a more universal use.  


10) Hydrangea Serving Set 

In need of some fun, refreshing, serving utensils? Look no further! Perennially beautiful, the flowers are symbolic of abundance and gratitude. True to the artist's work, this hand-sculpted piece captures the perfectly-imperfect nuances of nature. 


11) Butterfly Ginkgo Utensil Holder 

When have you walked into a kitchen and not noticed a utensil holder? Why not have one that celebrates the representation of flora as fauna. Executed at the highest level of hand-craftsmanship, this piece is rendered in solid brass with hand-etched cocoon-shaped vessels. 


12) Naga Mortar and Pestle  

Not sure about you, but we are big guacamole people. What makes this kitchen essential awesome is the versatility. You can make more than just guacamole: pesto, caesar dressing, aioli, and the list goes on. 


13) Butterfly Ginkgo K-Cup Carousel 

If you are a visual person like most people in the kitchen, this is the kitchen essential for you. The Butterfly Ginkgo K-Cup Carousel makes on-the-go coffee fast and easy. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s covered in butterflies!  


14) Butterfly Ginkgo Tablet Stand 

Speaking of downloading new Pinterest recipes on the iPad, you might want a cute tablet stand to go with it! This essential makes hands-free Netflix binging while cooking luxe.  


15) Butterfly Ginkgo Measuring Cup Set 

Last but never least, probably the most essential part of your kitchen—measuring cups! This is also a new extension of Michael’s Butterfly Ginkgo Collection, and the magic is all in the details.  

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