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Flights of Fancy Collection


The Flights of Fancy Collection is a series of unique objects that celebrate whimsy in daily life. Whether seen individually or among other pieces, they evoke a sense of charm and fantasy. Drawing profoundly from Aram's background as a sculptor, each piece emerges from hand-sculpted clay and offers a child-like quality with an inherent depth of meaning.



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Michael Aram Dogwood Tic Tac ToeMichael Aram Dogwood Tic Tac Toe
Dogwood Tic Tac Toe
Sale price$205.00
Michael Aram Noah's Ark Nut DishMichael Aram Noah's Ark Nut Dish
Noah's Ark Nut Dish
Sale price$130.00
Michael Aram Apple Honey Pot w/ Spoon GoldtoneMichael Aram Apple Honey Pot w/ Spoon Goldtone
Michael Aram Matzah PlateMichael Aram Matzah Plate
Matzah Plate
Sale price$95.00
Michael Aram Cat & Mouse Dish
Cat & Mouse Dish
Sale price$105.00
Michael Aram Dog Bone Frame 4x6Michael Aram Dog Bone Frame 4x6
Dog Bone Frame 4x6
Sale price$105.00
Michael Aram Cat BowlMichael Aram Cat Bowl
Cat Bowl
Sale price$80.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Love Bird Frame 4x6Michael Aram Love Bird Frame 4x6
Love Bird Frame 4x6
Sale price$100.00
Michael Aram Apple Honey Pot w/ Spoon NickelplateMichael Aram Apple Honey Pot w/ Spoon Nickelplate
Michael Aram Evil Eye BoxMichael Aram Evil Eye Box
Evil Eye Box
Sale price$235.00
Michael Aram Noah's Ark CenterpieceMichael Aram Noah's Ark Centerpiece
Noah's Ark Centerpiece
Sale price$370.00
Michael Aram Bone Dog BowlMichael Aram Bone Dog Bowl
Bone Dog Bowl
Sale price$130.00
Michael Aram Apple Plate GoldMichael Aram Apple Plate Gold
Apple Plate Gold
Sale price$130.00
Michael Aram Coffee Bean SpoonMichael Aram Coffee Bean Spoon
Coffee Bean Spoon
Sale price$75.00
Michael Aram Apple PlateMichael Aram Apple Plate
Apple Plate
Sale price$100.00
Michael Aram Cat & Mouse Large Cheese Board w/ KnifeMichael Aram Cat & Mouse Large Cheese Board w/ Knife
Michael Aram Vine Demitasse / Espresso Spoon SetMichael Aram Vine Demitasse / Espresso Spoon Set
Michael Aram Lemon Coaster SetMichael Aram Lemon Coaster Set
Lemon Coaster Set
Sale price$140.00
Michael Aram Hemp BoxMichael Aram Hemp Box
Hemp Box
Sale price$130.00
Michael Aram Mouse BowlMichael Aram Mouse Bowl
Mouse Bowl
Sale price$70.00
Michael Aram Fig Leaf Meat Fork Nickelplate
Michael Aram Forged Shoehorn LargeMichael Aram Forged Shoehorn Large
Forged Shoehorn Large
Sale price$105.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Dog ScoopMichael Aram Dog Scoop
Dog Scoop
Sale price$75.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Dog Bone CanisterMichael Aram Dog Bone Canister
Dog Bone Canister
Sale price$175.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Love Bird Salt & Pepper SetMichael Aram Love Bird Salt & Pepper Set
Love Bird Salt & Pepper Set
Sale price$85.00
Michael Aram Forged Shoehorn SmallMichael Aram Forged Shoehorn Small
Forged Shoehorn Small
Sale price$60.00
Michael Aram Forged Bar CartMichael Aram Forged Bar Cart
Forged Bar Cart
Sale price$3,150.00
Sold out
Michael Aram Skeleton ChairMichael Aram Skeleton Chair
Skeleton Chair
Sale price$1,000.00
Michael Aram Etched StoolMichael Aram Etched Stool
Etched Stool
Sale priceFrom $625.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Swiss Cheeseboard with KnifeMichael Aram Swiss Cheeseboard with Knife
Swiss Cheeseboard with Knife
Sale price$130.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Dove Table LampMichael Aram Dove Table Lamp
Dove Table Lamp
Sale price$1,000.00
Michael Aram Foliated Cross SculptureMichael Aram Foliated Cross Sculpture
Foliated Cross Sculpture
Sale price$725.00
Michael Aram Chess SetMichael Aram Chess Set
Chess Set
Sale price$1,900.00
Michael Aram Foliated Cross Sculpture NickelplateMichael Aram Foliated Cross Sculpture Nickelplate
Michael Aram Lotus Pendant LampMichael Aram Lotus Pendant Lamp
Lotus Pendant Lamp
Sale price$1,600.00
Michael Aram Eucalyptus Pod Wall Sconce
Eucalyptus Pod Wall Sconce
Sale price$800.00
Sold out
Michael Aram Flight Small SculptureMichael Aram Flight Small Sculpture
Flight Small Sculpture
Sale price$1,300.00
New Arrival
Michael Aram Cat ScoopMichael Aram Cat Scoop
Cat Scoop
Sale price$70.00
Sold out
Michael Aram Tumbleweed Pendant
Tumbleweed Pendant
Sale price$3,100.00
Michael Aram Skeleton Chair GoldMichael Aram Skeleton Chair Gold
Skeleton Chair Gold
Sale price$2,050.00
Michael Aram Claw OttomanMichael Aram Claw Ottoman
Claw Ottoman
Sale price$1,200.00
Michael Aram Water Hyacinth Accent TableMichael Aram Water Hyacinth Accent Table
Water Hyacinth Accent Table
Sale price$3,100.00
Michael Aram

Michael Aram, The Artist

"My work combines the imperfections innatein the handmade process with the perfectlyimperfect beauty of nature to create objectsthat reflect humanity."