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5 Fall Entertaining Essentials - Michael Aram

5 Fall Entertaining Essentials

Posted by Dana Filetti on

Autumn is cherished as the season for gifting and gathering! Whether you're taking on the hosting responsibilities, or attending a friend or family member's Fall fête, we have the key essentials outlined below for entertaining in-style.
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1. Teapot/Kettle

As the leaves change colors, and the temperatures begin to drop, we all yearn for a bit of warmth and nostalgia in our homes. Adding a beautiful kettle to your stovetop will serve you, your family, and your guests well! 

Place our Butterfly Ginkgo Teapot on your burner, wait for the whistle of piping hot water, and a bevy of uses await… like a morning cup of English Breakfast tea, an afternoon bowl of ramen noodles, or a hot-toddy nightcap after hosting a small dinner party. 

To really impress your family and guests, and to fill your entire home with a mouthwatering scent, try this easy fragrance recipe using your kettle.

Harvest Kitchen Fragrance Recipe


  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ red apple, sliced vertically
  • ½ an orange, sliced vertically
  • 4 cinnamon sticks
  • ½ Tbs. vanilla extract

Place everything right in your teapot and turn your burner on low.  Keep it on for as long as the water simmers and the fragrance permeates your space.

2. Luxe Glassware

There’s no greater entertaining faux-pas than serving guests wine or cocktails in mis-matched glasses pulled out of an every-day cabinet.

Refined hosts know that leveling-up their glassware is a relatively inexpensive way to impress… and crystal is a must!

Our Rock collection makes a statement and works with every type of interior from traditional to contemporary.

3. Cheeseboard

Is there anything that gathers greater than a charcuterie? Having a spread for friends and family to nosh on while playing games or waiting for the host (you) to finish preparing a meal, is a MUST!

The art of crafting a beautiful snack tray isn’t always easy, but luckily, our cheeseboards do all the work. Snag one for your own home or as a gift for your favorite host. This is your cue to serve up your favorite gourmet treats in style!

4. Casserole Dish

'Tis the season for casseroles! Make sure your green bean casserole stands out this Friendsgiving by elevating your serveware.

Our casserole dishes can come straight out of the oven and onto their display stands, ensuring you take the cake for the most impressive food presentation.

5. Intricate Vase

Whether on an entryway console or dining table, nothing elevates a home more than fresh flowers. We aren’t all experts at floral arranging, so choosing an intricate vessel that draws the eye’s attention is key to making your floral statement look exquisite. 

Pick-up a pre-made bouquet or loose stems in fall hues at your local grocery store, place them in any Michael Aram vase that best suits your décor, and voila!