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5 Steps to Drying and Styling Flowers - Michael Aram

5 Steps to Drying and Styling Flowers

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Achieve An Elevated Boho Style Decor With Stylish Dry Flowers

Stranger Things, wolf haircuts, Friends…it seems like the world is going crazy for 80s and 90s nostalgia right now, so it should come as no surprise that dry flowers have become one of the most popular home interior trends of the year.

 Yes, they may have a bad rep for being your gran's favorite way to decorate her walls (and possibly gather dust, too). But the new trend for dried and styled flowers is oh-so-boho,  with bridal boutiques, stately homes, and plush interiors falling head over heels for this retro boho wall decor. So how do you dry flowers, and how should you style them?

 Read on and we’ll teach you how to gather flowers, dry them and transform your home with the scent – and color – of a beautiful country garden.


Pick the Right Flowers

The first step in creating your very own dried flower bouquet is to pick the right flowers. While it is environmentally preferred to nurture, grow and harvest your flowers yourself, choosing flowers from a flower market will also work for dried flower displays. 

We recommend opting for annual flowers, which germinate, grow, flower and seed every year, providing you with a regular set of blooms every year. If you’re short on space or have a window box, flowers like begonias, petunias, chrysanthemums, and primroses will make a delicate posy hat that can be grown without much need for room or maintenance. There are plenty of colors and varieties of these flowers, giving you plenty of scope to try out the principles and elements of floral design: balance, rhythm, proportion, color, contrast, and pattern without restriction.


How to Dry Out Flowers

Once you’ve gathered your flowers you’ll need to dry them out. This is where things get a little trickier, but perseverance is key here. Flowers dry best when they’re newly budded, not when they’ve been in bloom for a while, which is why growing them in your garden is preferred so you can pluck them at the right moment.  

To air-dry flowers, we recommend laying them on kitchen paper and dabbing them lightly with another piece of kitchen paper to remove any moisture. Once dry to the touch, cut back the stem of the flowers leaving approximately 5 inches exposed and free of leaves. Bunch together your flowers and tie the stems together before hanging them in a warm, dry place in your home for a few weeks.

Some people prefer the traditional method of drying flowers between the pages of a book. This will flatten the flowers, allowing them to be displayed in picture frames rather than as a bouquet.


Choose the Right Vessel For Your Dry Flowers

Your twine-tied dry flowers are ready to display when they feel dry to the touch, retaining no further moisture. There are many ways to display your dried flowers, such as a floral display in a large upright vase, attached to the back of a glass picture frame, and even decorating the covers of a book.

But for simple elegance, a centerpiece vase or golden trivet can add color and bohemian beauty to wedding tables and dinner parties. Opt for a vase that complements the colors of your chosen flowers for a relaxed way to bring the outside in.


Simple Floral Displays

Fall is coming soon, and what better way to celebrate the season than by creating a seasonal wreath to put on your front porch? The wonderful Gaia Flowers blog has inspired us to make our very own beautiful dried flower wreaths to welcome in the most bewitching of seasons.

Alternatively, we love the idea of adding farmhouse charm to the kitchen by bundling together lavender, cornflowers, and poppies and adding them to a rustic milk churn.


Finding The Right Space For Your Flowers

There is no right or wrong location for flowers. We love each and every one of the bright bundles, but from a design standpoint, it is worth considering the length and shape of the stems you choose and how they interact with the space around them.

Soft, bushy flowers like gypsophila give a relaxed vibe to country charm decor, whereas the sleek lines of lilies and orchids will look graceful in a hotel-style bedroom.


Michael Aram Invites You To Explore Our Vase Collection

For vessels to house your beautiful bouquets, delicate fronds and bubbling blossoms look no further than Michael Aram. Our ceramic, glass, metal, and wooden vases incorporate natural elements and high-quality finishes for a contemporary home aesthetic.


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