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About The Collection: Introducing Tulip - Michael Aram

About The Collection: Introducing Tulip

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Bloom Into Spring With Tulip

The Tulip Collection celebrates rebirth as the ground begins to thaw and new life flourishes. Inspired by the feathery petals of the Parrot Tulip, each petal ripples as if the flower is about to take flight. Symbolic of perfect love, these expressive blooms tell a story of life: passion, grace, and new beginnings. The Tulip Collection features elaborate sculptures in a modern, lyrical way. The white enamel and gold finish reflect the effect of light and shadow that caress each flower as the world begins to wake.


Behind The Collection

To say the newest Michael Aram addition is routine would be an understatement. Tulip is not comparable to any collection Aram has done in the past, with a more sculptural touch to the designs and details. Comparable to the design, the colors are more majestic and warm, playing off the vibrancy of true parrot tulips with pink, white, and blood orange hughes from the gold.

Our team sat with Michael to learn more about the design process and inspiration behind the newest spring bloom for 2023. 


Who introduced you to parrot tulips and is it significant to the collection inspiration? 
M: I have always loved parrot tulips for their heightened expression. They remind me of classic Dutch still life paintings, and I am always inspired by art and art history in my approach to creating new design expressions. I love the combination of modern vessel shapes with extravagant stems, leaves, and flowers
What are some of your favorite ways to utilize this collection and the pieces in your home? 
M: Sometimes there are collections I create which I call "jewelry for the home". I feel that this collection falls under this category since it is really so stunning and actually feels jewelry-like. What's so great here though is that the pieces are as functional as they are beautiful. With enamel surfaces and stainless steel body shapes the pieces can be used for serving food effortlessly.
Where would you suggest someone use this collection to make a statement?
M: I would say these pieces would be amazing to use anytime you are hosting since they are so luxurious and would certainly garner attention no matter when or how you use them.
Why is this collection different from anything you've launched for Spring 23?
M: I don't create pieces that only work seasonally, but I must say, tulip just feels so wonderful this time of year since our thoughts are focused on new beginnings and we find ourselves looking forward to seeing flowers again after a long winter.
Tulip Collection is now available for pre-sale on  and at a flagship location near you
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