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How to Redo your Bathroom Without Renovating - Michael Aram

How to Redo your Bathroom Without Renovating

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

How to Decorate a Bathroom With Little Touches in 2023 

For us, the little things in life add vibrancy to the world. The marshmallows in our cocoa, the crunch of fall leaves, a rainbow on an otherwise drab day. This blog post focuses on the small changes you can make to your decor to freshen up your bathroom. There is no need to knock down walls for these renovations. These easy bathroom makeovers are high on impact and low on effort. 


Revamp your Shower with a Glass Shower Screen  

The shower screen is one of the largest structural items in a bathroom, with a sub-par one bringing down the atmosphere of the whole space. While industrial styles with multi-paned framed panels were one of the biggest 2022 bathroom trends, they can look obtrusive in small spaces like en-suites.   

Opting for a Frameless Fixed Shower Screen helps a screen blend into any decor, and can give the impression of a larger room due to its simple lines. The bronze and brass fixings fit right in with the trendy 2023 bathroom colors terracotta, sea green, and caramel for a 90s neutral vibe.    


Add a Pop of Color to Your Vanity 

One easy bathroom makeover is to update your vanity unit. This functional piece of furniture can become a haven for clutter. Opting for a decor piece that is functional and vibrant to corral your bathroom products is a must-do if you have counter space. If not, try a glamorous yet compact side table to provide extra surface storage.  

Don’t be afraid to tackle the appearance of your vanity, either. A vibrant pop of color, like a pink shade, ties a multi-colored bathroom together and adds an injection of personality to the room.  


Add Nautical Decorations 

An overriding theme of many bathrooms, particularly those in the New England area, is nautical, which can add a quirky touch to even the most severe decors. This adorable boat hardware makes wonderful cabinet drawer pulls or unusual towel hangers when mounted on driftwood in pairs. 


Embrace Luxury with Stunning Essentials 

There are certain things we need in a bathroom; a toilet roll holder, towels, and a waste paper bin. Who says that these things have to be dull, though? At Michael Aram, we like to take mundane objects and infuse them with luxury. Our white and gold decorative Cherry Blossom waste basket is a testament to that. Adorned with delicate golden blossoms that symbolize the cycle of life, this feminine yet functional piece is one to be cherished. 


Adding Beauty in Small Ways 

How much does a bathroom remodel cost? $20,000? $30,000? More? With it comes hours of wall removal, new bathroom fitting, drywalling, tiling, etc. It’s not a job for the faint-hearted.

We like to look at things a different way using renovation. Where once you saw a tired-looking vanity, we see a solid wood piece crying out for a new marble top and a lick of paint.

Adding new luxurious accessories to your bathroom space can make it feel brand new at a fraction of the cost, and if chosen carefully, can help you curate a room you’re proud of. 

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