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How to Style Your Bathroom For a Modern, Feminine Look - Michael Aram

How to Style Your Bathroom For a Modern, Feminine Look

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Feminine Bathroom Decor is Much More Than Pastel 

Whether you’re a lady looking for feminine bathroom decor, or a couple looking to add home pieces to their registry, embracing the graceful lines, curves, and undulations of feminine bathroom decor can add sophistication to your powder rooms. But what does feminine decor entail? For us, it is a combination of floral and pattern, color and shape, and lots and lots of texture. Here are our top tips on how to style your bathroom for a modern, feminine look. 


Vibrant Wall Decor 

Yes, pastel is pretty. Pastel is the queen of the queen-dom when it comes to feminine colors, but there is a lot to be said for vibrant floral wall decor in large-bloomed patterns. We adore this made-to-order two-roll set of Milton and King Summer Garden Wallpaper, combining current interior trends like bold colors and geometric shapes. Although the print is quite bold, it pairs well alongside neutral decor, sophisticated forest greens, and sultry scarlet for a powder room. 


Keepsakes in a Catchall Dish 

Catch-alls are a great way to add a pop of feminity to your bathrooms while also staying organized. These double silver and gold-toned heart-shaped dishes are not only lovely to look at, but are practical, as well. These nostalgic mementos of love are the ideal size to place your jewelry while you shower or lounge in the bath, and also double-up as sweet little soap dishes for your guest-room en-suite. 


Add Femininity To a Vanity With Elevated Decor 

A vanity is a great addition to a master bathroom for storage but also makes the room feel homier. Depending on the styling of your space, it's better to go with a more neutral-toned piece so that the room does not feel too chaotic. After all, bathrooms are usually a place we go to unwind or start our day. To add personal style, while also staying with a fresh aesthetic, opt for vanity accessories made from nickelplate that have daintier details


Two 2023 Bathroom Trends in One 

Ceramic tile design has always been a great way of stamping your personality on a bathroom, and while previous years have focused on the subway style tile, this year, the trend is for curves. These striking Orchid Dimensional Marble Tiles nod to art deco arches, which are going to be big this season. Inspired by Michael Aram's original Orchid Collection, this groundbreaking design utilizes a variety of techniques for an intricate and Elegant mosaic tile. 


Delicate Accessories Add Pretty Charm 

The artistic Butterfly Ginkgo bathroom accessories range celebrates the flora and fauna of the natural world in all its striking glory. A soft watercolor design of yellow ginkgo on a single branch tapers around these pieces, perfectly capturing the famed tree's poetic spirit to perfection. 


Feminine Bathroom Charms 

There is no right or wrong definition of a feminine bathroom design, just as there is no one way to define every female-presenting person on this planet. But when we think of classical feminine design, we think of nature – of the Goddesses and Mother Earth and the beauty that they were said to bestow upon us.

Flora, fauna, and colors as soft as a mother’s cheek form the backbone of our choices above. We hope they’ve inspired you with their beauty, but if not, perhaps you’ll find your definition of femininity in our Michael Aram store. 


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