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Kitchen Ideas: 15 Tips To Maximize Your Space - Michael Aram

Kitchen Ideas: 15 Tips To Maximize Your Space

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Creating your Pinterest-inspired kitchen can be a fun task when reinventing your haven. Gone are the days when kitchen appliances ruled the counter-space for functionality. A kitchen, after all, is the heart of the home. It’s time to start maximizing your space and creating the vision of your dreams!  

Most of these kitchen ideas are simple changes to décor, whether that be adding more modern touches to your kitchenware or adding pops of brightness to a wall(s). We are phasing out of the taupe, or all white rooms, and embracing a broad range of textures and colors 

These tips for maximizing your space will bring out your inner DIY persona and most likely will start a design itch you cant rid. Although these tips can be incorporated into multiple kitchen layouts, remember to put your own unique twist so that it does not take away from the foundation. Now for the fun, it's time to make a splash in design. 


1) Painting Your Kitchen

Adding colored paint into your kitchen can add dimension and liveliness. This is one of the easier and fun ways to boost your kitchen and can be done with an accent wall or cabinets. Wood, wood-laminate and metal cabinets usually can be repainted without difficulty


2) Frame Kitchen with Wooden Beams

Wooden beams might seem like an overachieving dream in your kitchen but they can be incorporated in a lot more seamlessly than imagined. Not only will they give your kitchen aesthetic an added boost, but it can also improve your kitchen functionality by hanging pots or decorative plants. 


3) Work Table Island

Another easy way to maximize your kitchen space is with a work table island. These are often movable kitchen tops that increase counter space for food prep & appliances. This instant kitchen island is a more affordable way to boost your space to the next level.  



4) Breakfast or Coffee Nook

Create a space you look forward to walking into everyday. For us, this includes a breakfast or coffee nook. Showcase your elevated decor & fancy machines in just a few minutes! Having a corner where everything is findable and has a dedicated spot will help the declutter and improve your space. 


5) Chef's Kitchen

Enhance functionality with professional-quality upgrades to your kitchen. Chef's kitchen is an efficient workspace that's designed to work smarter and faster. From expanded sink space, to built-in trash chutes, you can add many elements of a traditional chef's kitchens into your own space.


6) Eye-Catching Backsplash

We love a good subway tile backsplash in a kitchen, but let's take that to the next level with a more engaging print. There are a ton of dimensional backsplashes that will protect your walls from food stains while adding visual character to your kitchen. This is great for kitchens with more simple cabinetry or counter-spaces.    

7) Rustic Accents

Are you looking to make the farm-house style kitchen of your dreams? Start by adding rustic accents to your space like antiques, organic lighting, or stone        for a county living feel. If you are looking to remodel, enhanced pine walls or refurbished wood to walls and appliances like your refrigerator.  


8) Patterned Wallpaper 

Keeping the farm-house & cottage style inspiration going, patterned wallpaper makes your kitchen space the moment. What usually is saved for the living rooms or bathrooms, wallpaper kitchens are becoming a hot trend in 2022. It is an easy way to update your current space while also giving more character to the elements you already have. 


9) Work Around Your Windows

It's important that a kitchen has "visual moments" to serve as focal points for the entire design. If you have multiple windows in your kitchen, framing a kitchen focal point around them is a great for not only functionality but helps anchor the space. Kitchen sinks, range hoods, wine racks, or eating nooks are some features to frame with your windows.  


10) Displayed Pottery

As we said, visual moments are key for any kitchen designs. For an organic, cozy feel, display colorful pottery collections with built-in racks and shelving on open walls. Adding wooden beams for shelving is a resourceful way to showcase your pottery while maximizing the space you have.


11) Open Shelving Cabinet 

If you are not into the wooden beams for shelving but still want to showcase your favorite dinnerware or glassware, opt-in for an open concept with your cabinets. You can also create a glass shield to pop open when you need to grab something if you want some type of protection for expensive dinnerware.


12) Wall Storage

Wall storage is a great way to maximize your space. Find an empty wall and hang your basics. Maybe a cool utensil rack or a beautiful spice rack! Try to use this as a way to open up space for everyday kitchen essentials so that you no longer need to dig through drawers to find what you need. 


13) Eclectic Cabinet Finishes

Little touches in a room renovation can make a big difference. We love adding eclectic cabinet finishes like bee knobs or different textured knobs for an eye-catching moment.   


14) Play With Textures and Patterns

Renovations are a time to have fun and push design boundaries. We love a good kitchen with a mixture of textures and patterns. Try adding a fun rug to add some personality to your space. But, make sure you use the same color schemes so you don't overwhelm the room. This will still offer variety but in an aesthetically  pleasing way.  


15) Hanging Wine Racks

Wine racks usually take up counter spaces in kitchens and make the room feel more crowded. However, hanging wine racks are a great way to maximize the space you have. Instead of pots and pans hanging over your kitchen island, showcase your favorite glassware! You can even hang your wine rack above a farm sink if you have opted out of a range hood. Always keep your layout in mind when choosing a location for your rack. 



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