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Michael Aram Introduces New Jewelry Collection, Wisteria

Posted by David Lindberg on

NEW YORK, NY (FEBRUARY 2020) — The acclaimed designer, Michael Aram, is excited to introduce his newest jewelry collection, Wisteria.

The Wisteria Jewelry Collection is inspired by the organic beauty of climbing Wisteria vines. As the vines grow, they intertwine, yet maintain their individuality. Expressed here in the interplay of metals, the Wisteria Jewelry Collection is a token for soulmates, and a symbol for a lifetime of connected love and togetherness. 

“I see Wisteria vines as a symbol of perfect union - two, seemingly, separate pieces climbing together, slowing bending around each other over time. As a metalsmith, I’m naturally drawn to the poetry of combining two alloys, gold and silver. Their union yields a stronger medium, in all proportions - wedding flexibility to strength, with style.”  - Michael

Best known for his eponymous brand of home and decorative art pieces in metal, Michael Aram Jewelry captures the artist’s symbolic, nature-infused and organic themed motifs in precious metal.

These new pieces combine 18K Gold with Sterling Silver, and White Diamonds. They will be available in select stores and on 

About Michael Aram Jewelry

Founded in 1989, Michael Aram is an award-winning creator of beautiful and distinctive objects. An iconic brand with a rich and storied heritage, Michael Aram is a global manufacturer and retailer of jewelry and luxury accessories. The company is featured in more than 1,400 stores in more than 60 countries.

For over thirty years, Michael Aram has honed his metal-working techniques to make his signature sculptures in precious metals, which capture the beauty, significance, and delicacy of nature. Highly inspired by his surroundings, Michael often represents objects through his work that might otherwise be overlooked in the everyday. Nature is his biggest muse, as is his fascination with the handcrafted process.

“As an artist who has dedicated his career to craft-based design in metal, I feel that jewelry is the ultimate expression as something that is cherished and is passed down through generations.” ~ Michael Aram

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