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The 2022 Small Treasures Gift Guide - Michael Aram

The 2022 Small Treasures Gift Guide

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

The holidays are fast approaching - are you prepared to give your loved ones the best gifts this year? If not, don't worry! Some of the best gifts are those that hold significance in small items.  

Whether you are celebrating a loved one or want to surprise a friend, here are some great gift ideas sure to put a smile on their face. 


  1. A Frame for The Perfect Memory

Memories are priceless - so why not frame them perfectly? If you have a go-to photo of your loved one that always makes you smile, consider placing it in a beautiful frame as a gift. This way, they can display their favorite memory and always keep it close to their heart. 


  1. Handcrafted Toothbrush Holder

We take meticulous care of our teeth, so why not hold our everyday essentials in a beautiful holder? This holiday season, change that by gifting your loved one a handcrafted toothbrush holder! It's a small gift that will make their daily routine just a little bit more special. 


  1. Upgrade Their Keychain

We use our keys daily, so why not upgrade your loved one's keychain this holiday season? A new keychain can add a touch of personality and style to their daily life. And who knows, maybe it'll help them keep track of their keys a little better! 


  1. Feed Their Wine Needs

Nothing says adulting like a cool wine-stopper! Add this white orchid one to your gifting list and everyone will be in awe. Want to take it a step further? Try the matching coaster and elevate any wine bottles for a good wine night. 


  1. Bling Their Fingers

Want to give a gift that will guarantee some serious finger-blinking? A new set of rings is always a welcome gift! It's a small way to show your loved one how much you care. 


  1. A Necklace They Will Adore

If rings aren't quite their style, a necklace is another excellent option. A delicate pendant or a set of colorful beads is sure to please. 


  1. Something Special for the Tree

Know someone who loves the season? A new ornament will bring light and life to their tree - and their holiday season. They'll be reminded of you every time they hang it up! 


  1. A Trinket Box for Their Treasures

A place to keep their special things - what could be a more thoughtful gift than that? Whether it's jewelry, keepsakes, or just small items they want to keep safe, a trinket box will be greatly appreciated. 


  1. An Accent for Their Desk

A desk is often where we spend a good chunk of our day - so why not make it a little more enjoyable with an accent piece? An artistic plate or a small sculpture can add some life to their workspace. 


  1. The Perfect Addition to the Dinner Table

If you have someone who loves to host dinner parties, an elegant napkin holder is a great gift idea. They can add some flair to the dinner table - and your loved one will think of you every time they use them! 


Shop The Holidays at Michael Aram Online 

Don't let the stress of the holidays get to you - shop online at Michael Aram and find the perfect small gift for your loved one! With a wide selection of items, you're sure to find something they'll adore. 

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