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The Best Aquarius Gift Ideas - Michael Aram

The Best Aquarius Gift Ideas

Posted by David Lindberg on

Early February it’s Aquarius Season!

That means it’s time to share a little birthday love with that special air sign in your life. Known as the water bearers, this zodiac sign is known for its intellectual eccentricity, which means it can be a bit tricky to shop for. If you are looking for a zodiac-specific gift, here is the ultimate gift guide made to promise many smiles. 

When is Aquarius in 2022?

Aquarius season is from January 20 to February 18.

What are typical Aquarius traits?

Aquarius is an air sign.

Regarded as the most unique zodiac sign, Aquarius tends to be free-spirited, and accomplish their goals in highly creative ways.

Aquarians often adopt a live-and-let-live approach to life, happiest when everyone is free to be their true selves. 

This means an Aquarius will typically zig where others zag, and tend to stand out from the crowd. At their core, Aquarians harbor a deep desire for mutual understanding and individual happiness that permeates all of their personal relationships.

What are Aquarian's favorite things?

Aquarius searches for leisure activities that are objective-driven. Their interests, for the most part, incorporate playing games, tackling puzzles, designing new things, community work, outdoor exercises, a book club, and so on.

What are the best Aquarius Birthday gifts?

Do you need a gift idea for the Aquarius in your life? There are a couple of elegant options for anyone whether they are a close loved one or an acquaintance. 

Home Decor for Aquarians

Since Aquarius are very art driven, it comes naturally that they use interior design and home decor to express themselves in their space. 

Looking for the perfect tabletop gift for your favorite Aquarius friend? Keepsake boxes are great for pretty much anything tiny and hold value. The Michael Aram Aquarius Keepsake Box is a perfect choice for personalizing a gift. 

Aquarius Gift Keepsake Box


Handcrafted with marble and antique goldtone, this beautiful keepsake box fits as an accent on your counter, side table, or vanity. The lid features a hand-sculpted representation of the Aquarius water bearer for a subtle signal of your sign. 


Aquarius Jewelry

Our Aquarius Zodiac Pendant with Diamonds is an elegant spin on everyday wear for jewelry. Featuring white diamonds with 18K gold and sterling silver, this 22mm pendant lets the world know you are a smart, eccentric Aquarian with style.  

Aquarius Jewelry


There is no doubt that zodiac jewelry is having a big moment right now. Want to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Your fashion-forward friend or family member is going to adore this pendant piece.


Whatever gift you choose for your favorite Aquarius, Michael Aram has you covered with personalized engraving, gift wrapping, and gifts with purchase on qualifying orders.


Shop the entire Michael Aram collection

Not only does Michael Aram carry zodiac accessories based on your birth chart, but we also have the Chinese birth year chart boxes! Be sure to check out the keepsake boxes for the 2023 Year of Rabbit for double the fun. 


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