Michael Aram Grass
Michael Aram Grass
Michael Aram Grass


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Celebrating 30 years, the Grass Sculpture is a Limited Edition by Michael. Constructed of corten steel, the large sculpture will age in the elements, evolving over time as a living piece of art.



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A fragile, lowly, and trampled upon clump of grass is transformed and redefined in Michael's sculpture, 'Grass'. The scale of the piece forces you to look closely at the swaying forms and perfectly imperfect shapes. It invites you to think of our place in the world and to become small for just a moment in time.

"Now, as an adult rolling down grassy hills with my nature-loving son, re- experiencing nature through his eyes, I found myself searching for meaning and metaphor. This moment in time inspired me to create this sculpture as a way to urge children and adults alike to think of grass in a new way - as one of many, perfect in form, independent, yet a family interconnected entries."


  • Limited Edition of 30
  • 54"L x 39"W x 144"H
  • Corten Steel
Michael Aram

Michael Aram, The Artist

"My work combines the imperfections innate in the handmade process with the perfectly imperfect beauty of nature to create objects that reflect humanity."

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