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12 Ways to Organize Your Home For the New Year - Michael Aram

12 Ways to Organize Your Home For the New Year

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Home Organization Made Simple 

As the new year blossoms, our thoughts turn to the endless possibilities the next 365 days bring, and with a mind on self-improvement, how we can improve our home for the better. This year we hope to have a more organized life, one where everything has its place and can be easily accessed without the need to turn our home upside-down to locate our keys. If you’re in search of a clean, clutter-free home too, then read on and find out how to organize your home room by room to wrestle the mess into submission.  


1. Declutter Your Closet 

The new year sales make it easy to impulsively buy the latest fashion trends and add more clothing than our closet can deal with. So, how to declutter your closet? The Spruce suggests emptying your closet and sorting your items by type and color. Once sorted, you can easily see which clothes you need to invest in and can store your most-used clothing at the front of the closet for easy access.  


2. Store Toiletries in Clear Containers 

Storing bathroom items in easy-to-see, clear containers like our Black Orchid Canister adds elegance to your space while also providing you with a quick way of checking if essentials such as cotton balls need replacing.  


3. Use Drawer Organizers 

Drawers can quickly become cluttered because of the “out of sight, out of mind” principle. Consider adding organizers to your drawers to separate items into easy-to-grab types. For underwear drawers, a divider can separate pants and socks, for example. Give your drawers a quirky drawer ornament to help you remember the contents and show a bit of personality too.  


4. Practice One In, One Out 

An alternative to home storage solutions is to practice the one-in, one-out rule, which is a godsend for children’s toys and bathroom products. The rule is simple: For every item you purchase, you remove one item from the same room. So a doll may replace a LEGO set, an on-offer shampoo can replace a nearly-empty one, and so on. The idea is to get you to think about the amount of stuff you have in your home, and actively reduce it for a simplified life.  


5. Store Drinks in an Attractive Cart 

During the lockdown, we all embraced our latent bar skills. But where to store the liqueurs and glasses? Embrace art-deco design with a handcrafted forged bar cart to store your glasses in style. Its wheels allow it to be transported from the kitchen to the sitting room with ease. 


6. Keep On Top of Office Clutter 

Our office spaces may be functional, but they’re also a haven for scribbled notes and takeout wrappers. Be sure to add a waste paper basket under your desk to keep your working environment healthy and clutter-free.  


7. Hang Cord Organizers 

Power cords can look unsightly, and can contribute to trip hazards in the home and workplace. Attach cord organizers on the back of your electrical items to move wires out of the way when they’re not in use to make your home safer and more attractive too. 


8. Store Essentials in a Catch-All Tray 

If you’re always losing your keys, your wallet, or other essential small items, then you need a catch-all tray. Place one in your entranceway to keep items accessible for emergencies and office runs. 


9. Dedicate Space to Jewelry 

Timepieces and jewelry make us feel special, so it’s only right to treat them like they are luxuries too. These elegant black and gold Safari boxes are just the right size to store rings, pendants, and other accessories away from prying eyes. 


10. Zone Your Home 

A good home organization considers the function of each room. A sitting room may double up as a dining room for some, whereas others may want an area to sit and read. Dividing your home up into zones and giving each zone a purpose is an excellent way of keeping your home organized. Storage cabinets, boxes, and bookcases help to keep zone-specific items where they should be, preventing you from accumulating clutter. 


11. Create a Sorting Station 

Laundry is our least-favorite task, but Bob Vila has some great ideas for creating a simple sorting station. You can start with just a worktop for folding and separate baskets for washing, ironing, and linens, and away you go. 


12. Make Use of Decorative Storage 

Storage doesn’t have to just be practical, as seen with our Black Orchid toilet paper stand, which combines floral vines with sculptural beauty. The perfect addition to a sophisticated bathroom.  


Organization: It Doesn’t Have to be Difficult 

As you’ll see, just a few little tweaks can make your home look beautiful with minimal energy expenditure. Pretty much every room can be improved with home storage solutions, from bathrooms to bedrooms. Just add a few accessories here and there, and remember the principle of one in, one out. Your home will look better than ever this year, and you’ll have set up good maintenance habits worth cherishing. 


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