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The 7 Most Popular Types of Wedding Centerpieces - Michael Aram

The 7 Most Popular Types of Wedding Centerpieces

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

POV: You recently became engaged to the love of your life--congratulations! You are now looking to plan the fairytale night you've been dreaming of since you were a child. Creating an inviting atmosphere, especially on the dinner tables, to evoke conversation and enhance the theme is essential. Although this is exciting, you're starting to feel a bit overwhelmed finding the perfect decor to elevate your night.

This is where Michael Aram comes in to save the day! If you’re stumped on decorating a wedding table or looking for inspirational wedding centerpieces to achieve an elegant, sophisticated table decoration, allow us to help.  


1) Mason Jars 

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Mason jars are one of the more popular table decorations and are great if you are going for an intimate, laid-back look at your nuptials. Not only do they have vintage charm, but a collection of mason jars can be used as bud vases wedding guests can easily move out of the way to ensure the conversation flows smoothly. The perfect mason jar flowers include wildflowers such as poppies, violets, and daisies, as well as large lavender blooms. 


2) Sculptural Centerpieces 

Sculptural wedding centerpieces help draw guests' attention to your beautiful tablescapes. Our Fan Coral Gold adds an elegant focal point to the table and complements it and makes the perfect addition to a coastal-themed wedding for spring. Plus, this limited edition piece will make your night more special, with only 500 made.  


3) Floral Displays 

Floral displays come in many shapes and sizes, from simple hand-tied bunches to huge cascades of roses and lilies adorning every table. A lot can be said for simple orchid wedding centerpieces. The flower adds a dramatic element to any table decoration with its slender shape, and varieties can be chosen specifically to match your wedding theme due to the myriad of colors available.   


4) Candles and Votives 

If you want to forgo the flowers, then candles and votives are other popular options. A flurry of tiny tea lights and glass votives can add a whimsical appearance to your table decor, which can enhance a fairytale wedding theme to perfection. Alternatively, a large table candle holder can make a great focal point in the center of a table. Opting for these Butterfly Ginkgo Candleholders as a table centerpiece allows you to build a theme around them effortlessly, lending themselves well to minimalist and maximalist table designs.  


5) Bowls of Fruit 


Reception tables are increasingly becoming ripe with one sweet trend—wedding centerpieces with fruit. Invoke the atmosphere of a mythologically vibrant wedding party with decorative bowls and platters piled high with decadent exotic fruits. Choosing fruit decorations such as citrus, ruby red grapes, and leafy pineapples adds visual interest while also injecting some vibrant color into your table decor. 


6) Simple Gypsophila 

Sometimes simplicity is best. Imagine the scene: simple wooden tables with white linen, elegant, yet understated glassware, white crockery, and tiny bud vases. Wedding heaven! Opting for simple decor choices provides a relaxed atmosphere and allows the eyes to fall on the happy couple. 


7) Floating Displays 

There’s something to be said about the restful nature of water and its symbiotic relationship with lilies and other water flowers that just make the heart sing. Add in fire through the candles and plumage and you’ve got every one of life’s natural elements combined in one beautiful package. Simply divine. 


Wedding Centerpieces: Which Would You Choose? 

Wedding centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes, which can make choosing one that’s ideal for your wedding difficult. For us, it’s important to think about the theme of your wedding (if you have one) and your personal style. Many people opt for natural elements, such as flowers, fruit, and water to add to their table decor, but sculptures and glass jars can also look beautiful in the right setting. Whatever you choose, be sure to follow your heart. That’s what got you down the aisle in the first place, right? 


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