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20 Top Wedding Registry Gifts for Decor Lovers - Michael Aram

20 Top Wedding Registry Gifts for Decor Lovers

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

When picking the right wedding gifts for couples in love, it’s tricky to get the balance right. When they’re decor lovers, the job is doubly-hard, not least because each person’s perfect decor vision differs so much. We’ve compiled a list of 20 wonderful gifts for the home, from accent tables to branded homewares, buffets to candle sticks. Check them out below. 


1) An Accent Table for the Artsy Couple

Our Vincent Accent Table is handcrafted using natural and oxidized brass to honor the famous dutch artist.  


2) A Fun Ottoman  Sofa 

There is nothing better than a fun statement piece for your home. This piece is part of the Michael Aram Flights of Fancy Collection, a series of unique objects that celebrate whimsy in daily life. 


3) Go for Quirky Kitchen Piece

The best wedding registry lists have a range of high- and low-value gifts so the gift buyers can choose for themselves how much to spend on wedding gift items. This funky Smeg x Peanuts Refrigerator comes in at the higher end of the scale and features Snoopy and Woodstock in an adorable flying scene. 


4) Something Beautiful

This brass, granite, and silverplate Centaur Sculpture takes its influence from classical myth and is very limited with just 136 made by the artist—a rare gift for your loved ones.


5) Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases are a beauty lover’s dream and are used to tame frizzy hair and hydrate skin during sleep. The perfect wedding gift for young (or older) couples.


6) Washable Rug 

Who has time to scrub their rug nowadays? This Iris Apfel-designed rug comes in two layers: a hard-wearing bottom layer and a washable patterned top layer. Just toss it in the wash to save time on your housework. Plus, it is also nature inspired!


7) Two-Tone Candle Sticks 

If you’re looking for wedding gift ideas for an older couple, then you’re in luck, these elegant two-tone Butterfly Ginkgo Candleholders will delight young and old. Rendered in solid brass, these will last a lifetime with proper care. 


8) Unique Hardware

Michael Aram has a large assortment of pretty and stylish hardware for drawers, cabinet knobs, and pulls. This gift allows a newlywed couple to add a twist of personal style to their new home together. Perfect for newlyweds in a new home. 


9) Contemporary Buffet 

This Havsta buffet from Ikea is simple and elegant, with tons of storage. The neutral shade lends itself to a range of interiors, and the top can be used as a display for beautiful trinkets and blossoms.


10) Stand Mixer

For foodie couples, few gifts compare to a stand mixer. It’s an essential kitchen item for cake making, bread, pasta, and other staples. We’re big fans of sleek, silver-toned ones for a modern look, but retro lovers will swoon over chunky, 50s vintage styles. 


11) Cocoon Pendant Light 

These Cocoon Pendant Lamps are made from delicate wire that has been cleverly wrapped to mimic the shape of a cocoon. While one provides a subtle lighting option, arranging several in different sizes allows you to create a sculptural masterpiece. 


12) Lovebirds Ornament 

Lovebirds for the lovebirds? Whether your wedding couple is old or young, they’ll be delighted to receive this special Lovebirds Ornament that can be used as a holiday decoration or hung in the window where it will twinkle in the light. 


13) Artwork Vouchers

We could not complete a list of gifts for the home without including artwork. Artwork, for us, is what separates man from beast. While some may feel brave enough to purchase a piece of artwork for a loving couple, for us, the subjectivity of art makes it a tricky purchase. Opting for artwork vouchers allows you to give the happy couple something beautiful, but personal to their tastes. 


14) Unique Storage Containers 

We know this seems like an un-lively gift. However, the couple in your life will soon thank you! Moving into a new space is stressful enough, let's make life simple for the newlyweds with gorgeous organizational containers. These containers come in multiple styles and sizes, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen, bathroom, pantry, or even coffee station. 


15) Bark Vase 

These simple and elegant Bark Vases are made from polished aluminum and come in four sizes to fit the space in which they’re placed. They’ll fit perfectly into a Japandi home design with a subtle shimmering tone and natural elements.


16) Houseplants

Plants increase the oxygen in your home, so by giving one, you’re improving the health of the happy couple. How about choosing an orchid or a small rose bush to add romance to their home?


17) Charity Donation 

For the eco-conscious couple, a charity gift could be the perfect item. This Adopt a Honeybee gift allows couples to sponsor the life of a bee to help preserve vital creatures. They’ll even receive a plush bee when they sign up too! With Michael Aram being a nature-inspired brand, this makes the perfect additional gift with any of our collections. 


18) Digital Frame

If you’ve ever thumbed through a photo album or scrolled through your Instagram feed, then you’ll know the joy that candid photos can bring. Compiling a group of photos of the happy couple and special moments in their life is a great way to tug on their heartstrings and ensure they’ve got something lovely to look back on as they grow together. This collaborative digital frame features Michael Aram's signature heart motif, timeless craftsmanship, and intelligent technology.


19) Beautiful Dinnerware


With its haute couture looks and delicate orchid decoration, this Blue Orchid Dinnerware is as beautiful as it is practical. Fired at 1400 degrees, it can resist modern life and is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


20) Decorative Candle 

Inject some romance and good fortune into the loving couple’s boudoir with this Pomegranate Gold Candle, which in many cultures represents abundance and fertility. The notes celebrate a musky white violet that is infused with the hedonistic scent of white wood. 


Wedding Gifts for Couples: What to Choose? 

While the etiquette behind weddings is complicated, choosing a gift for the happy couple doesn’t need to be. If they are people you know well, think about their loves, their decor, and their personality to choose a gift. Some people love personalized gifts, which can add a nostalgic element to their big day. Others prefer a grand gesture. If in doubt, opt for something practical such as dinnerware or luxury candles that are useful and can be found at 


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