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5 Coffee Table Styling Essentials - Michael Aram

5 Coffee Table Styling Essentials

Posted by Dana Filetti on

Whether your coffee table is in a formal sitting area, or a more relaxed space like an entertainment room, there are some key essentials to styling it in a way that looks beautiful while retaining function. Before we dive into our styling guide, if you want a statement-making coffee table that anchors a room, look no further than our Atelier furniture. Our Golden Ginkgo coffee table is truly a work of art! But, no matter the design, size, or shape of your coffee table, these 5 items will ensure it looks well designed in any space.


1. Serving Tray

A tray will create a textural layer which can be put into action for multiple purposes. Of course you'll be able to use it for beverage and snack service when entertaining, but more often than not, it will act as an organizational space for other pieces. Depending on the size, shape, and material of your coffee table, choose a tray that creates some juxtaposition. For example, if you have a rectangular, wood coffee table, opt for a metal tray in an oval shape, and Voila... design harmony achieved! 

We love our Molten Collection, which offers trays and small dishes in a variety of shapes and sizes with a classic style that will work well with all interiors.
2. Vase
Bring the outdoors into your space with a vase and fresh flowers! Depending on the use of the room with your coffee table, you'll be able to dictate the type of vase and floral to use.  For example, if your coffee table is in your entertainment room and positioned in front of a TV, you won't want to use a tall vase with dramatic florals as it would obstruct your view. Typically, a small to mid-size vase with a simple, monochrome floral arrangement, will always work.
We have exquisite vases in an array of shapes and sizes that will elevate the look of your coffee table and make your space look as though it's designed by a professional. 
3. Scented Candle
A beautifully scented candle on your coffee table is an absolute must! When lit, not only will it create ambiance, it will envelope your space with a fragrance that you and your guests will associate with your home. Our assortment of candles acts as an extension to our core collections, offering a plethora of fragrance options to choose from. We love our Palm and Ocean candles for the Summer months!
4. Coasters
Glassware never belongs directly on a bare surface. Protect your wood or marble coffee tables from ring stains, and your glass tables from scratches, with a set of nice drink coastersPlace them on your serving tray so they're on-hand and on display.
5. Conversation Piece
A coffee table book or two displayed on your table is an easy update.  It's fun to rotate them in and out, and flip the page on display every week or so. If you're entertaining, coffee table books are easy conversation-starters and a lovely way to showcase interest- be it fashion, golf, or travel. 
Likewise, unique objects of art are another way to add interest to your coffee table. Perhaps it's something you collected while traveling, or found at your favorite antique store. Choosing a small item that tells a story will make your space feel lived-in and welcoming.
We hope this inspires you to give your coffee table an update!

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