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Wedding Season Gift Guide - Michael Aram

Wedding Season Gift Guide

Posted by Dana Filetti on

Whether you’re a bride or groom, member of the wedding party, or simply an invited guest; deciding on gifts to celebrate matrimony, can often feel like an ordeal. After all, you want this present to be personal, appropriate, and cherished by the recipient. We’re here to be your guide and one-stop-shop in choosing gifts that will be treasured, no matter how you’re involved with the nuptials.


For the Bride

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”… and by blue, we mean blue topaz, lapis, or turquoise! If you’re in the bride's wedding party, you’ve probably been involved in helping her pick the perfect dress. You know her style, and together, you can give her something she’ll covet for eternity. Our fine jewelry collection offers a cuff, rings, and earrings in shades of blue.



Gift her with a luxury treasure in advance of the wedding, so she can plan her accessories and hair-style accordingly.


For the Groom

Whether the groom is your future husband, son, family member, or dear friend, we suggest pooling together and gifting him with something to help him loosen-up in his tailored tuxedo a bit.

Our vodka service sets are works of art that will look stylish atop any bar, and they come complete with a chilling bucket and 6 crystal shot glasses. Add the groom’s favorite bottle of vodka to the gift so you can all partake in a toast of liquid courage before he says “I do.”




For the Bridesmaids

Brides-to-be, remember, being a bridesmaid is not a thankless job. Not only are these women willing to wear matching dresses they’ll absolutely never put on again, they’re agreeing to pay for them… and everything else that comes along with catering to you on your wedding day. Even if you’re no “Bridezilla,” it’s important to show appreciation to the women surrounding you on your big day.

Nothing says “you’re special” quite like jewelry and nothing says “I love you” quite like a ring. Our Anabel Aram fashion jewelry line is filled with pieces perfect for weddings, but we suggest getting your bridesmaids something appropriate for both formal and everyday-wear.

Our Bamboo with Stone Cocktail Ring comes in 5 gemstone colors with sizes ranging from 5 to 8.



Be a trend-setter and exchange rings with both your bridesmaids and your husband on your wedding day!


For the Groomsmen

Participating in a wedding as a groomsmen is a responsibility… one that comes with expenses, time-off from work, travel, and more. As a groom, it’s important to show thanks to those who have rearranged schedules and tightened spending to be there for your special day. No matter the size of your wedding party, or your budget, we have the perfect gift for your groomsmen- our Forged Shoehorn.



A shoehorn isn’t something most men would think to buy, but it’s something useful and classic. Kick up your gift-giving efforts a notch, and have the shoehorns engraved with each of your groomsmen’s initials.


For the Couple

Most couples typically have a wedding registry, with items they’ve personally selected for their home together, which makes choosing a gift fairly easy. However, more and more modern couples are tossing tradition aside and opting to wed in ways that “break the rules.” Perhaps they already have a shared home and have chosen to avoid the pomp and circumstance, and simply elope.  Maybe they’re doing a destination wedding, and would prefer if friends and family contribute to their marriage through experience registries, like Honeyfund.

Regardless, as someone close to the bride or groom, you may want to stand-out and gift them with something more personal or unexpected.

We love the idea of welcoming the couple back from their honeymoon with one of our exquisite vases! Partner with a local florist to do an arrangement using the same flowers from their wedding day in a Michael Aram vase that suits their interior. Or, choose a picture of the bride and groom from your own camera roll, have it printed, and present it to the couple post-nuptials in a beautiful Michael Aram frame.



Gifting the couple a keepsake they can use and display in their home, and doing so a few weeks after the wedding, will prevent your gift from getting lost in the registry mix, and will allow you to personalize it in a meaningful way.

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