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How to Mix Gold Accents in Your Home For A Luxe Feel - Michael Aram

How to Mix Gold Accents in Your Home For A Luxe Feel

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Use This Year’s Most Popular Metallic Shades to Elevate Your Interior

When it comes to home interiors, King Midas may have had a point – gold accent decor is one of the most popular home interior trends right now, with gold leaf wallpaper, accent tables, and even solid gold cutlery adding glitz and glamor to elegant home fashion trends. 

The key to adding gold to your interior is using just enough that it glows, but not that much that it overpowers. Too much gold and your home will look like Liberace ran through it with a glitter cannon. But don’t fret, we’re here to give you some easy hints and tips to make your home glamorous and elegant without looking ‘overdone’. 

Intrigued? Read on to see how to use this year’s most striking color palette.


Subtlety is the Key to Elegant Home Fashion Trends

Gold is a powerful color. Just think about some of the things it connotes – luxury, accomplishments, wealth…but as much as the glistening color is great to show people you have material success, too much can come across as gaudy. Yes, subtlety is the key to an elegant interior space and for this reason, gold works best as an accent color. 

At Michael Aram, we use pops of gold sparingly in our designs, instead preferring to focus on the classic play between color and texture. Take our Cherry Blossom Easel Frame for example. This small, yet perfectly formed silver-toned frame is mounted with delicate gold and pink enamel cherry blossom stems – a Japanese symbol representing the fragility of life. Scattering small gold accouterments in a white-walled room adds a classic touch to even the smallest of spaces.  


Focus On The Walls With Gold Accent Decor

If you’re looking to make a big impact in a room, but don’t want to have lots of small trinkets around, then perhaps an accent wall is the way to go. Handmade gold leaf wallpaper can add visual appeal to boxy-shaped rooms, particularly when paired with luxe velvet fabrics. Prevent overpowering the space by using black to divide the gilded areas into smaller sections for added interest, or alternatively use rich shades of green, purple, or navy for a lavish outcome.


Invest In Sophisticated Lighting to Add Luxury

Lighting comes in many shapes and forms – from overhead lighting to illuminate a large space to small task lighting to make reading, cooking, and other close-up jobs easier. A gold pendant light can be used to great effect with a warm-toned light bulb to bathe a room in a soothing golden glow. 

With task lighting, Bayut suggests fitting a neutral lamp shade onto a gold base for a delightful two-tone effect. Luminescent bulbs fitted into bedside lamps will add a romantic, glittery vibe to your boudoir.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Color or Texture

For us, gold is one of the most versatile colors around. It works with white, black, and gray, warm neutrals – cream, brown, and caramel as well as vibrant shades of vermillion, pink, canary yellow, and navy blue. With so many shades at your disposal, it can be difficult to choose the right pairing for your gold accent decor without your home appearing too clinical. 

One way of adding interest is to work with texture. The shimmer of gold metallic surfaces plays well with warm wood accent tables and plush woolen fabrics to add comfort and charm. Opting for sleek materials such as marble, glass and other metal surfaces can help solve the problem of small, dark rooms through light reflection.


Gold – The Versatile Color We All Need

However you decide to use gold in your interior space, be it big and bold or small and subtle, Michael Aram is here to help. With a range of gold-colored products, from barware and tableware to stunning mirrors, gold pendant light fittings, and trinket boxes, there’s something for everyone online.


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