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Luxury Is In The Details: Behind The Shagreen Collection - Michael Aram

Luxury Is In The Details: Behind The Shagreen Collection

Posted by Te'a DiNapoli on

Introducing one of the newest collections to Michael Aram Inc., Shagreen. This collection needs no formal introduction, the pieces and details speak for themselves. Each intricate engraving interprets the subtle shimmer and pebbled texture of natural stingray leather. Capturing a refined visual vocabulary, the glistening surface of these pieces will elevate each of your everyday moments.
Michael spoke highly about his newest creation and the inspiration behind the motif,
This collection makes me happy. The contrast of glinting metals and matte surfaces creates iridescent tones that connote a sense of celebration. Each piece is hand-forged after casting which allows the surface to glimmer and sparkle in a radiant way. I hope their lustrous quality makes any event meaningful, and any normal day feels special.
Our team sat down with Michael to get more insight on the making process, from design mock-ups to its recent launch during Fall '22. We walked away feeling truly inspired by his creative mind and how he brings his visions to life.
Q: What was the design process like for the new Shagreen collection?
A: After creating the sculpted pattern for the shagreen surface, I take a hammer and begin to forge the already cast surface, giving random facets to the casting- creating what I lovingly call a "disco-ball" effect to my shagreen pieces.
Q:  When did you decide you wanted to create a motif on stingrays?
A: Shagreen was inspired by a trip I took to Thailand where I witnessed, for the first time, the beauty of stingrays in their natural environment. 
Q:  How long did the collection take from start to finish?
A:  The part that took time was trying to capture the movement of the sea creature, which I wanted to do for the large trays, where the handles rise as though they are the wings of the manta ray.
Q:  Why is this collection different from what you designed before?
A:  There is very little I create with animal life, and I am always hoping to be inspired beyond flora, and create more pieces that represent fauna. I was fixated by the sparkle of the surface of the stingray and was so excited to land on a technique to capture it.
Q: How can your audience use this collection for elevated entertainment?
A:  Like all my pieces, I hope these pieces add interest to your home and in the case of shagreen, add sparkle.
Q: Where in your space would this collection feel most at home? 
A:  Personally, I love the vases since I worked hard to create shapes that could be grouped together in a dynamic and interesting way. I look forward to using these vases in my entryway.
Q:  Where can someone buy this collection?
A: You can find the collection on, any of our flagship locations, or any of our department store partners. 
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